Legends of the West

                                                                         Ella Watson

"Cattle Kate"

Her birth name is Ellen Liddy Watson. This cowgirls known legend name was Ella Watson "Cattle Kate". She was born in July 2nd of 1861, in Arran Lake, Bruce County, Ontario. She was a pioneer of Wyoming better known as her legend name. A post-claimed outlaw of the west.

She met a farmer laborer named William A. Pickell. They got married on November 24, 1879. Pickell was verbally and physically  abusive towards ella. He would often beat her with a horsewhip. She then left him and filed for divorce. On February 26, 1886, Watson met James "Jim" Averell. In May, she and Averell applied for a marriage license. Its unclear wether the two were legally married. She did not have any children what so ever. A stage station operator and a pioneer of Wyoming. She was accused of cattle rustling by  powerful cattlemen. She was on the list for a good reason. She was independent and everybody thought highly of her. No matter what she did she had a big heart and nobody went hungry around her.  In July 20, 1889 at the age of 28 Ella's cause of death was being that she was hanged.

Ella "Cattle Kate" Watson at the age of 18.

Ella was not in a gang, she did have other jobs other than the main one though. Which were being a housekeeper and a cook. They were the only other other jobs. 5 interesting facts about my Cowgirl would be: She was the first woman lynched in Wyoming territory,Ellen Watson was a tall woman for her time probably 5'8" or so, Her father Thomas Lewis had immigrated from Ohio to Scotland. Watson was casual to violence, Her and her husband Averell were hung together side by side.


He was born as Sam Bass on July 21, 1851 on a farm near Mitchell, Indiana. Sam was a 19th-century American Old West train robber and an outlaw. Sam Bass didn't have a cowboy name it was the same as his birth name. Therefore thats what he went by. He was orphaned before he was thirteen and spent five years at the home of an uncle. He ran away in 1869 and worked most of a year in a sawmill at Rosedale, Mississippi. Sam didn't have any wives neither did he have children. He live that busy single life. After failing at a series of legitimate enterprises, Bass turned to crime. He formed a gang and robbed the Union Pacific Railroad gold train from San Francisco, California.Bass and his men intercepted the train on September 18, 1877, at Big Springs,Nebraska, looting $60,000. To date, this is the single largest robbery of the Union Pacific. I mean i guess he would be on the list for something bad he did by robbing people and by being in a gang. Bass died on his birthday in July 21, 1878 at the age of 27due to gun shot wounds. Five interesting facts about my person would be: Sam Bass, disguised as a farmer, went to Texas and formed another gang, he robbed four trains within 25 of Dallas, Sam Bass died the morning after having been found helpless in a pasture north of Round Rock, He has a shootout named after him, theres a book called sam bass & gang.

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