Final Results of Project

  Although the project was not completed in class on Friday, one of the group members has taken it home to finish it. Although I haven't completely tested it, I believe that the project should be working fine. While planning, we had a bit of trouble due to the fact that the project we modeled after only showed one side(luckily, it had many angles of that one side). In terms of how construction went, I would say our group did a pretty decent job. Although our construction was moving at a slower pace compared to others since we would always lack a certain material (or if we found one, it would be too late to attach it). Also figuring where to put certain pieces was a bit of trouble due to the fact that we had a different model compared to other groups and the original model. Hopefully the project will be finished by Monday (I doubt that it would be incomplete since only one piece has to be attached. The video of the project will be recorded onto one of the school's iPads (iPad #5). Overall, even though we had a few setbacks, I would say the project went fairly well.