New England Colonies

Welcome to the Workshop

When living in some the other regions such as the middle colonies or in the south you are missing out on some of the great features of the New England colonies. Some of these great features may be the large houses that will stay warm all day and night with their great insulation and brick fire place located in the center of the house. If you have always wanted a white christmas but never  got one then New England is the place for you, the long, cold, winters almost guaranty a snowy december. Also if your tired of working long days on the farm, if you move to beautiful New England you wont have too. New England provides soil that is good enough for you to provide for your family and a little for trade. Some things you can do for work is join the trade or shipping industry, if boats aren't the way to go maybe fishing for a living is just the thing you were looking for. Those aren't the only thing you can do in Massachusetts , Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Connecticut you can also be in the rum business or be a lumber jack working in the field of timber.

Also when you sail from England arriving in the New England colonies it is the shortest journey at 2-3 months instead of 3-4 when you sail to some of those other regions.

In the colonial workshop, named for the lumber and other jobs dealing with wood, served many different purposes. Some of these purposes are having religious freedom, that was an original plan for the colonies then it developed into so much more because of its great ports, amazing fishing, spectacular