On my tackk

It's a recent picture of me, but without my glasses (they are here on my head). Usually, I wear them all the time !

My cat, maybe is dancing the gangnam style ahaha !

Hello ! My name is Ariane and I'm 15 years old, I'll be 16 on January 13th.
I have got one sister : she is 21 years old.

I also 've got a cat called "Patcha". I know it's a strange name but there is an history to explain that : At the beginning, my mother didn't wants cat so in fact, it's a little joke with the sentence "Je ne veux pas d'chat" said quickly in french !

My passion isn't the sport but it's the music : I LOVE MUSIC. Listen to music, play piano and drums, and sing. By the way, my favorite artists are english or american : Adele, , Greenday, Arctic Monkeys, Birdy, Selah sue, Bob Marley, C2C, Jamie Cullum, Skip the use, Pink floyd, the beatles, Oasis, Shakaponk... And " Fauve ≠ " is a french group that I can recommend to you.

Then, i love photography, I take artistic pictures especially in black and white but it depend. I love write too. I like draw word tags on paper. This is a little exemple :

My favorite dish is the Taï chicken and I like pasta. I live in Lille, in France. The last summer, I went to a photography training course, then I went to the "Queyras" at the mountain with my parents and to finish I went next to Lacanau at the sea with my boyfriend and his grandmother. It was cool !
I like series like Breaking bad and Skins.

An english song I like :

A hero, a Legend

Nelson Mandela was born on the July 18th in 1918 in Mvezo and died on the December 5th in 2013 in Houghton. Between 1994 and 1999, he was the president of South Africa. He fought against the apartheid : the segregation : distinguish between black people and white people so he went in prison during a lot of time.

In my opinion, Nelson Mandela is a hero because like Terry Fox, after his achievements, we can understand that one person can make the difference. This man has risked his life to save people, for a reason which is called the racism. Actually, everybody is equal even the persons with foreign origins.

The Nelson Mandela's lesson of political and morality life, it's so his determination to fight against the oppression and the injustice, it's refuse to deny values and principles. In fact, it's the courage of the difficult decisions and the words of the truth. He went to prison for them. We have to act for other persons, we must help a population. Nelson Mandela had made things that he thoughts he must to do and it was a very good choice. We can say that Mandela thoughts people are more important than him so he was very courageous, an exception, a very big contrary to selfish persons. He defended human values and he had a very good mentality. Now, he is dead : he died in saving the others and I think it's a real proof of bravery.

In reality, I find this man is a legend.

' His life inspired the heart and soul of a nation and millions around the world '

Never forget : nothing is impossible if you try.

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3 years ago

salut Ariane! J'aime le nom de votre chat, c'est une histoire très drôle! J'aime la musique de Oasis et Birdy beaucoup aussi! J'ai regardé skins aussi. My favorite oasis song is probably champagne supernova, and my favorite birdy song is not about angels, which was in the Fault in Our Stars movie that was very good!
Merci pour votre tackk!

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3 years ago

Oh, I didn't know this song of birdy so thanks you, I love her voice but I prefer when she sings graver, like for exemple in her song "people help the people". But I like the piano in this song so maybe I will search the partition on the net ! Est-ce que tu t'intéresses aussi à la musique ? J'ai été très étonnée par ton niveau de gym : ce n'est pas difficile parfois ? Thanks for your tackk too ;)