The Haunted Woods

For Those Who Lack Fear

Awarded: Most Frightening Place Ever Award

The Haunted Woods provides tons of creepy noises, figures, and plenty of jump scares that are guaranteed to scare the pants off of you, The Haunted Woods also provide less fright for younger people there are three areas:

Mild: "The Graveyard" The Graveyard provides spooky noises and mild scares such as hands popping out of graves, and a zombie caretaker that will hunt you down if he finds you.

Medium: "The Mansion" The Mansion is the second level of fright in this forsaken place. Offering tons of bone-chilling jump scares such as ghosts flying at you, and undead zombies, and giant spiders jumping at your face, just beware the room with the light on.....

EXTREME: "The Woods" The Woods is by far the most frightening place on earth, causing the bravest of the brave to scream and scream and scream.

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