College Project


By: Makayla Thull

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Would you like to live in a world where no one got hurt by the hands of someone else? In this essay, I am going to state why I think the world needs good people. The worlds need good people because without them society would not function and people would not have to live in fear anymore.

Without good people in this world, our society would not function properly. We need laws and standards to keep people in line. We need a good foundation to support our world, and that foundation is the government. We need order and justice, or else people would do what they want. There would be nothing to separate ourselves and the animal kingdom, because that is exactly what we would become.

If everyone in the world were good, we would no longer have to live in fear. We lock our doors at night in order to feel protected , and feel hesitant when strangers start a conversation with us on the street. We cannot trust anyone these days, really. In a perfect world, we would not have to worry about our children getting kidnapped or our friends getting mugged, because no one would feel the need to harm others.

I can understand the difference of opinion, however. I can understand that we don't necessarily need "good people" because the people that already inhabit the earth can make it good, if we try harder. We can find the good in every person and thing, and most people are capable of change.

Despite that, I do believe that the world does need good people. Although I think it is true that people can change, I also believe that we make the future. We have to raise our children to be good, if we want a better world for them, and future generations to come. For the sake of society and humanity, good people are essential and are needed for a better world. Steps that we can take to achieve this are: building a more efficient and justice system and the parents have to become better at raising their kids to be successful and respectable.

College Application


Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

                  My name is Makayla Thull, and I work as a profiler for the FBI in the BAU. I have known Samantha Estrada for several years now so I feel as if I am qualified to write this letter of recommendation. We met during our freshman year of High School, immediately becoming friends. After graduation, we went our separate ways, but still remained in contact. She went into Kinesiology as I went into Law enforcement. Her experiences are what make her eligible for this position.

                    Samantha can contribute many things for this position. She has a lot of experience in this specific department. This includes; organizational skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, and time management skills. She is a very hard worker, and I can account for that. We have worked on many projects together in the past. We did a College project and a Financial Aid project, both during freshman year. I can tell you she is very loyal to her commitments, and has never let me down.

                Samantha has other characteristics that make her perfect for this position. This includes that she is athletic, outgoing, smart, nice, determined, punctual, and creative. Also, she is good at multitasking and has a lot of endurance. She has played many sports, such as soccer and volleyball. She is friendly and always wants to make people feel good about themselves.  This is what makes her qualified for the position as a physical trainer.  

                 Again, I am writing this letter because no other person knows how highly qualified she is for this job. I highly recommend her for the job, as I am qualified to do so.

                  For more information on the recommendation of Samantha Estrada, contact me at 915-123-4567.

              Makayla Thull

              Recommendation of Samantha Estrada   

Cover Letter/ Letter Of Intent

                                                    Thull, Makayla Rae

                                                 1234 Yellow Brick Rd.

                                                     El Paso, TX 79938

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, English Teacher


5678 Sesame Street.

El Paso, TX 79938

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

          My name is Makayla Thull and I am applying for the position as an FBI agent for the BAU. I have many skills that I feel qualify me for this position. These skills include; organization skills, leadership skills, time management skills, and teamwork skills. I am a very fast learner and I am able to adapt to many different situations. I follow orders well and can multi-task.

          For this job, I am required to become a Profiler. I will dedicate my time and commit to the classes that training that this requires. Based on past experiences (such as taking babysitting courses) I feel as if I am qualified for the job, and the job roles that come with it.

I am hoping you consider my application.


Makayla Thull


Makayla Thull


1234 Yellow Brick Rd.


I am trying to obtain a position to work with the FBI at the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and become an agent and a professional.


Jefferson Elementary- 2005-2006

Oakdale Elementary- 2005-2006

Lacey Elementary- 2006-2007

Kingston Elementary-2007-2008

Central Elementary -2008-2009

Strode Station Elementary-2009-2010 and 2010-2011

Schweinfurt Elementary/Middle School-2011-2012 and 2012-2013

Hernando Middle School-2013-2014

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy- 2014-2015


Walgreens- February 2nd 2012-March 3rd 2013. I worked as a cashier and stocked the store.

Red Lobster October 4th 2013- January 13th 2015. I was a waitress and an assistant manager. This meat that I carried out and enforced the rules set up by the Manager.

Essential Skills

I have certain skills that qualify me for this position. Skills that include; organizational skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, and so forth. I am a very determined person, and can be very intimidating. I can Interrogate extremely well and am a self learner. I have the athletic abilities required to work in the field, and the patience required to interrogate. I can multi-task well, and can prove to be an essential part of this unit.

Job Application