offence vs. defence

In basketball there are offense and defense. They are similar because both teams wether on defense or offense they are both playing on the court. They are different because offense is when you have the ball and you are trying to make a goal, defense is when the opposite team has the ball and you are trying to stop them from making a goal and get the ball. During a game the teams switch from offense to defense everytime one team makes a goal or steals the ball.

The girl with the ball is on offense and the girl blocking her is on defense. /compare and contrast


To get points in a basketball game you have to shoot the ball and make it in the net. If you shoot in the three pointer line you only get 2 points. If you shoot on or outside of the three pointer line you get 3 points. What ever team ends up with the most points at the end wins the game.

Getting points. /cause and effect


In a game you start out with 5 people playing on the court. Whenever the players get tired the coach will sub in different people to play. Also, if there is a player who is causing   fouls then the coach will put someone else in who does the same job. Throughout the game almost every player gets to play.

sitting the bench and cheering on the team. /problem and solution


When we do drills we have to do it in a certain order or else it will not work and people will run into each other. One drill I know is two line lay-ups. We have two lines starting at half court, one line has a ball and one line will rebound the ball. When the shooter goes up to make a lay-up the rebounder will run along the side of them to catch the ball, the shooter will go to the rebound line and the rebounder will go to the shooter line.

Two line layup format


Basketball uniforms are pretty simple. The top is a tank top with a number in the middle of it, above that it says Lady Eagles. On the back it says the number again. The bottoms are shorts that will come down to your knees. You would have a blue one and a white one for ewCaney. When we play a home game, we wear white, when we play an away game we wear blue.

blue top uniform

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