Slave Trade Images

Marin Churns - Laredo Red Class 2

Pre-Colonial Africa: Society, Polity, Culture

Image Name: House and Compound, Sierra Leone.

Date: Late 17th Century


1. What is the purpose of the house and the way it is designed?

2. Is the man in the back ready to shoot the child with the bow and arrow or is he playing with it?

3. Was this image pulled out of a book because it has a page number at the bottom?

Slave Ships and the Atlantic Crossing (Middle Passage)

Image Name: Captive Africans taken to Slave Ship, Nigeria

Date: 1850’s

1. What were the people on the each doing?
2. Were they slaves too?

3. Did the people on the beach try to fight back against the people on the ship?

Military Activities and U.S. Civil War

Image Name: “Contraband” or Fugitive Slaves, Cumberland County, Virginia.

Date: 1862


1. How did they escape?

2. What did the women and children do for work?

3. Were they treated poorly? Or were they given some of the proper care they deserve?

Family Life, Child Care, Schools

Image Name: Women Carrying a Child, Trinidad

Date: 1836


1. Is the women carrying the child their mother?

2. Where was this photo taken?

3. Even though she is a mother does she still have to participate in slavery?

Marketing and Urban Scenes

Image Name: Moving a Piano, Rio de Janeiro

Date: 1858-1860


1. How far did they have to travel with this piano on their heads?

2. Did they not use their hands or arms at all and carry all of the weight with their heads?

3. In the photo it looks as if they are dancing, is that a thing that would happen?

Portraits and Illustrations of Individuals

Image Name: Portrait of John Brown

Date: 1855


1. Was this man some type of political leader?

2. Was he once a slave himself?

3. If he was in higher power, did he have slaves of his own?

Domestic Servants and Free People of Color

Image Name: Domestic Slave with Planter's Family, Virginia

Date: Ca. 1859-64


1. Is this family a wealthy family and they black woman their slave?

2. Was this very common in this era?

3. Did many families have slaves to take care of their children?

Physical Punishment, Rebellion, Running Away

Image Name: Whipping Slaves, Cuba

Date: 1868


1. Were some slaves forced to hurt other slaves?

2. Were slaves punished publicly?

3. Was it common for slaves "masters" to have them punish other slaves?

European Forts and Trading Posts in Africa

Image Name: Christiansborg Castle, Gold Coast

Date: Ca. 1750


1. What was this castle used for?

2. Did any actual royalty live here?

3.  The small houses to the side of the castle, were they used to house slaves?

Plantation Scenes, Slave Settlements and Houses

Image Name: Sugar Factory, Plantation Asuncion, Cuba

Date: 1857


1. What are they killing?

2. What was this factory used for?

3. What is the fire being used for in this image?

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