Democracy and Imperialism

America as a World Power

Values vs. Power

Throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century, America sought to become a world power through trade and land claims. Over the years, many have question whether America stayed true to their democratic ideals when it came to imperialism. Through governmental control and racist attitudes, America proved to the world it was in fact willing to toss aside values such as liberty and equality to attain the land and power they sought.

What have we done?

There is more than one case in which America set aside their values from what they wanted. In Hawaii, America worked together with people of the country to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani and obtain the government. They further took away Hawaiians freedom of religion by implementing churches and trying to convert natives to Christianity. This contradicts concepts of liberty and freedom.

American's believe it is their right to globally interfere in other nation's business because they were naturally selected as the "superior" race. In Latin American countries such as Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, America intervened when civil wars broke out. In the Dominican Republic, America was initially there to protect delegates, but eventually they took control of the government. Again they violated their values of liberty, as well as they violated their value of equality, believing them to be superiors and are a necessity for struggling countries.

In the Treaty of Paris 1898, Spain gave up Puerto Rico and Guam while the United States paid $20 million dollars for the Philippines. This demonstrates the fact that America did not care whether or not another country seeks autonomy, if it gives us power, we deserve it. Not only is this not democratic, it is wrong. This violates equality and liberty. America suppressed voices of the natives to obtain what they want, regardless of what the natives think. This is unfair and hypocritical of a nation that calls itself "global benefactors", supporters of democracy, supporters of freedom, liberty and equality.

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