Periodic table helper and atomic number inventor

Henry Moseley


  • Born on November 27th, 1887 in Weymouth, Dorset, England
  • he was killed in action at Gallpoli on august 10th 1915 in a battle during WWI
  • Moseley was only 4 when his father died of cerebral sclerosis
  • At age 13, he passed a competitive exam and entered college with a kings scholarship
  • Moseley began to number the elements
  • The atomic numbers for the periodic table of elements were completed in 1913 and 1914
  • Proved that the correct ordering of the periodic table of elements is on the basis of the atomic number.
  • Moseley studied x-rays
  • He realized that the x-rays show characteristics of the nucleus
  • A problem he had with his studies was that he needed to find that a linear relationship between the atomic number and a measurable property of the nucleus
  • Found a linear relationship between the square root of the frequency and atomic number
  • Interest in nature of x-rays

Published his work

"The High-frequency spectra of the elements"

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