Bridget Riley

Born: April 24, 1931 (age 83)

Place of Birth: Norwood London, England, UK

Where He Studied: Goldsmiths College, Royal College of Art

3 facts about her life: * she is best known for black and white paintings

                                       * Since 1961 her paintings  have been executed by her own endless edit studies

                                       * Riley began investigating colour in 1967, the year in which she produced her first stripe painting.

Movement in Squares

Artist: Bridget Riley


Material: tempera on hardboard

Size: 122 by 122 cm.

Shadow Play

Artist:Bridget Riley

Date: 1960

Material: oil on canvas

Size: 274 by 394 pixel

Cataract 3

Artist:  Bridget Riley


Material: PVA on canvas

Size:400 by 396 pixels

Victor Vasarely

Birth:April 9, 1906

Death:March 15, 1997

Where he studied: Mühley

3 facts about his life: *Vasarely was born in Pécs and grew up in Piešťany

*In 1930, he married his fellow student Claire Spinner (1908–1990). Together they had two sons, Andre and Jean-Pierre. In Budapest, he worked for a ball-bearings company in accounting and designing advertising posters. Vasarely became a graphic designer and a poster artist during the 1930s combining patterns and organic images with each other.

*Vasarely left Hungary and settled in Paris in 1930. He worked as a graphic artist and as a creative consultant at the advertising agencies Havas, Draeger and Devambez (1930–1935).


artist:victor Vasarely


Material: transparent multiplicity

Size:408 by 328cm

Tribute to Malevitch

Artist:victor Vasarely

Date: 1965

Material:acrylic glass pane



Artist:Victor vasarely


Material: acrylic on canvas

Size:282 by 282

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