What is TeleMedicine? The use of telecommunication to provide technological clinic health

Advantages of TeleMedicine? Well you are able to provide good information to the person you are helping. You can tell them exactly what to do and how to fix what you need help with.

Disadvantages: Well even though you can help their isn't really anything you can do in terms of providing hands on help. All you can do is tell them what to do. You would not be able to send them the medicine or treatment that the person needs.

Examples?   So in the picture below you see a group of nurses, but if you look you see a person on a screen. That is most likely the doctor that they are talking to. This picture was actually taken after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  

Another Example: A program at Boston Partners Healthcare use telemedicine to examine patients heart rates from around the world. This is still used  and is becoming better everyday.  Below is the center they use this at.

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