Life is the Sky

By Garrett Evans

Life is the sky, there will be sunny and happy days,

there will be stormy and gloomy days that drag you down,

there will be cold days that make you frown,

but yet there is light, light that can’t fade,

there are dark nights, but it always turns to day,

you’ll feel alone, like a dark cloud hovers above your head,

you’ll feel lost, but you’ll always stay,

because life can be sunny, bright and joyful,

the sun’s light will never fade,

you’ll travel through dark times and sunny ones,

but you’ll always stay, this is the place where you were made,

it is a part of you and you’re a part of it, and as I’ve said before,

Life is the sky, and it will never fade.

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3 years ago

great job garrett nice poem!