everything you need to know!

copyright-the owner has control of what can be done with their intellectual property

in my own words- i can do what i want with my stuff, that i have done originally

fair use-exceptions and limitations to copyright law that allow the public to use portions of copyrighted material.

in my own words- "we" the public can also use the copyrighted material. Not much but portions.

hacking- accessing someones computer without permission regardless of the activity ot intent.

in my own words-Getting into somebodys private stuff without being allowed to.

intellectual property-original work protected my copyright.

in my own words- my work is protected b/c its mine, and i have and can copyright it.

piracy-term used when music,movies and software are copied and "burned"  illegally.

in my own words- when you record or download stuff into CD's or/and "burn" them and sell them illegally. (with no permission)

plagiarism-  "stealing" someone else's work and pretending its your's

in my own word- STEALING. it simple.

public domain- materials that are not protected by copyright aw that can be used by the public without permission or payment.

in my own words- we can do with our work what we want and take other pictures  when we want.

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