Nature Photography

by Emilee Bautista

This is my nature digital portfolio, most of it was unplanned, by nature i found myself at the right place at the right time.

May I sit?

This photo is a still shot of a bench, that is very vague. But the bench was just there with all the nature and all greenery there was this single sitting area. It captured my attention with the beauty of simplicity.

Dew of Summer

This photo was a very close up. It was pretty early in the morning and the dew had just subsided and was sitting perfectly on this flower.

The Hummingbird House

This was at Cameron Park in Waco, Texas. I was driving around and saw this little bird house and saw how deserted it was. I placed it out of focus to have more of an effect on it.

Letting the Light shine through

The sun was just rising in the morning and i snapped this picture on one of my adventures.


I live in Texas and it RARELY ever snows, it did this one day and I got the privilege to snap this photo.


Just another photo during that snow day.

Broken Branch

I love this photo cause its very simple and calming.

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3 years ago

@emileeb19 great photos! Can't wait to see more

3 years ago

thank you so much! I haven't posted in a long time but Ive been finding it hard to get an inspiration in my lens. hopefully it will come soon! @eric