Definition of inferences:  An inference is an idea or conclusion that's drawn from evidence and reasoning.  An inference is an educated guess.


There were children in the yard throwing a ball then I heard a loud smashing sound of a window breaking. I am inferring the ball broke the window.

The man in a black suit carrying his suit case while rushing through a crowd of people then entered a tall building. I'm inferring that the man is late for work.

The mother puts the sleeping baby in a bed, then there is aloud thump and the baby is crying loudly. I am inferring the baby fell out of bed.

In this image above, my inference is that 2 people are playing a fighting video game.

An inference you could make is this man did not use caution on the wet floor and has fallen.

An inference to this photo is the snake has attacked and is eating a frog.

Funniest and best inference example ever.

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