Body Lice Take a Trip to France

The exciting adventure of Jimmy the Louse's journey to France!

Jimmy the Louse needed a new house. The silly humans were trying to get rid of him! He did not know why they did not like the blotchy red bite marks he left for them.  They lit candles and washed their clothes to try and get rid of him.

Humans also thought that Jimmy smelled bad. He heard them say that he smelled sour and stale. He thought that was mean. He did not want to live with mean people.

His friend told him to go to France. Many of his friends had gone and his friend heard that there were lots of dirty clothes to live in.

Jimmy said, "Perfect! I will pack my suitcase!".

So Jimmy began his exciting adventure to France, passing many interesting things like Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty.

Finally Jimmy arrived in France and saw soldiers in holes in the ground called trenches. He was so excited! It looked like the perfect home for him.

Jimmy wrote to all of his friends and family telling them to come to France. Since lice like to live in warm temperatures, the soldiers' body heat and clothing, especially near the seams, was very comfortable.

The soldiers live very close to one another to keep warm, so lice could have babies very quickly and the lice population grew very fast.

Jimmy was sure he had convinced his friends and family to come to France, but he wanted other diseases to come too, so he told them about trench fever.

Trench fever is a disease carried by lice, Jimmy said. Many soldiers have this disease and it makes them have a fever, headache, and pains in their muscles. All diseases were welcome and would have a good time in the trenches.  

After Jimmy had told as many lice and diseases as he could to come to France, about 1 million British soldiers were affected by trench fever. Everyone loved it there and were very sad to leave when the war ended in 1918.

Jimmy sadly went back to his old house and made people itch, and when he wasn't welcome anymore, he moved to another house.

Every night, Jimmy dreamed of France and how much fun it was. He hoped he could go back soon.

                     The End

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