Ice Erosion

                                     By Alyssa V., Katie C. & Madison C.


What would happen if there was a "Glacier" and we left it there while we poured water?



          I think the ice will melt and make a bigger stream.


         I think the glacier will move faster down the stream table.


         I think that the glacier will melt and make a bugger puddle of water in the bowl.








*plastic cup (one hole)


*water(one letter)

                    Step By Step

Step 1:

           Pour the soil in the tray

Step 2:

          Mix soil with lifts

Step 3:

          Prop up tray with the lifts. Place ruler and cup on tray. Put the bowl under the hole in the tray. Then place glacier on top of the mixed soil.

Step 4:

           Pour one liter of water in the cup.

Step 5:

           Observe the stream once you are done...ENJOY!!!!!




      We are going to observe how fast the glacier moves down the stream table. Also we are going to observe how fast the glacier melts.

               What are we going to                         keep the same

      We are going to keep the ruler and the cup the same.We are not going to move the glacier with our hands.      


     What happened when we did our experiment was the water made an indention in the soil the and  glacier melted but it didn't move at all not even a millimeter.The ice melted quickly and made a stream. Nothing probably changed because the tray might not have been steep enough.