Time During The Holocaust

Atia Woods


Hitler hated all Jews and killed all of the kids the couldn't work because the had a disorder or kids who were newborns. People who could work had to dig holes for the dead people that Hitler and killed and wanted to bury. He killed all Jewish people in the oven or he make them sit in the hole while the guards shot them dead. The rest of them died from starvation and infections.


1 Hitler had killing centers for Jews,

2 Hitler didn't feed them often so they died of starvation.

3 Hitler killed all of the Jewish people at the death camps immediately

4 Most kids who he didn't kill right away had to dig holes for the dead people he buried

5 Hitler killed most kids by experimenting on them in the lab and cutting them apart.

6 Most people had to sleep on metal beds and on the dirt

7  Hitler made  them carry dead bodies

8 They died of starvation

9 Jews had no food

10 They had no shoes


Starting in 1933 Hitler became the minster of Germany

In 1934 Hitler said Jewish paper may not be sold on the streets

In 1936 Jewish people were not allowed to vote

In 1938 Jewish people couldn't work or go into certain stores

In 1939 Jewish people had to come in the house at certain time.

In 1940 The Nazi forced the Jews in to ghettos

In 1941 Jewish people could not leave their house without permission from the police

In 1942 Made a plan called the Final Solution their plan to kill all European Jews

In 1944 Hitler took over Hungary which had over 12,000 Hungarian Jews there

In 1945 The Holocaust is over and the death camps are emptied

Who was Involved??

Hitler,The Allies power,German soldiers,civilians, and the Nazi

They were involved because the each had something to do with it.

Hitler: Made the plan to kill the Jews

The Allies power: knew that Hitler was going to kill the the Jews

German soldiers: Took the Jews from their homes

The Nazi: Helped Hitler kill all of the Jews


Raoul Wallenberg was the hero who saved all the rest of the Jews from getting killed he found out 2 years later about the holocaust because the Nazi took him to the camps and Hitler said he's not Jewish so they let him go

Why is the holocaust important

Because when you learn about it you have so many questions and you get to learn about who did these things and why he did it I think the Holocaust is the best thing to learn about because it is so interesting to learn about and I like to find out why he did these think and look for the history about what happened.  

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