The Fault In Our Stars

Project By: Keya Gonzales

This is a romantic story of a character named Hazel Grace Lancaster, as she  is battling cancer. Not only she is trying to live a normal life of a 16 year old, she is also struggling with what it will be like for her parents after she dies. Hazel attends a church support group for cancer survivors and she meets a boy who has a type of cancer that causes him to lose his leg. Anyone who would love to see two people that have cancer take on the risk of falling in love and making it through the struggle of having cancer and being able to love would enjoy this book.

Hazel Grace Lancaster(Protagonist)


Would you be able to let people in you're life,and be able to fall in love knowing that you're like a metaphorical grenade?Turn the pages to see if Hazel Grace will learn how to let people in her life and fall in love.This book may touch you're Heart.The theme of this book is how love triumphs over struggle and hardship.

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities"

-Hazel Grace Lancaster,The Fault In Our Stars


I would recommend this book to mature Teenagers and Adults that would love to see two people that are ill take on the risk of still being able to fall in love knowing that they're ill.

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