Recipe for Online Learning

and Technology Transformation
by Claire Rose


The online learning environment should be clean easy to navigate with clear instructions and objectives.  Each week should unfold in a similar way (for example - intro, powerpoint, movie clip, reading, discussion).  Once patterns are established, variations and changes should be sprinkled in throughout the semester.  

The instructor should be one of the first things a student sees in an online course, whether it is through a video message or a live lesson, instructor presence is crucial and must be ongoing throughout the course.  The instructor should let students know when and how they can be contacted by students for questions.

Students should feel like they are part of a community. The instructor should plan for discussions and group work. Students should also have an opportunity to share a bit of their background so they become “real” to each other.

Whenever possible, lessons should lead toward a real world application of learning. Students should have opportunities to design experiences toward this goal.



Instructor Presence


Real World Application

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