Langston Hughes

Born February 1, 1902. In Joplin, MO

  Langston Hughes' parents divorced when he was very little. Afterwards, he lived with his grandmother until he was thirteen. Then, Hughes went to live with his mother in Lincoln, Illinois. After graduating high school, Hughes travelled around doing a variety of odd jobs to pay for college. After publishing a number of successful novels, short stories, and poems, Hughes died of prostate cancer on May 22, 1967.

  Langston Hughes is known best for his poetry, even though he wrote in many genres. During high school Hughes began writing. After his graduation from high school, his first work was soon published. Hughes took a big role in the creative movement among African Americans in the 1920's known as the Harlem Renaissance. The example poem I chose is, in my opinion, very symbolic and very well done, hope you enjoy!