Journey through FA110

My art and experience reflection

Over the course of FA110 this semester I have learned a lot about who I am as a person and how much I value art. I never really like to go to art museums and just look at art. There was no meaning to it for me, however now after taking this class I have learned to value art and have learned how to interpret it into something that is meaningful for me. I have learned that artists such as Kara Walker have many different personal reasons for creating art. These inspirations include slavery and strife within her family. This course has also taught me to appreciate how history is depicted through art. Also, I learned how to appreciate the use of technology in art. Things such as photography are very important to my life and without them; I wouldn’t be who I am today. Throughout my exhibit I incorporated many social injustices, such as slavery and abortion. Topics that are “taboo” to talk about but when I look at them part of my heart hurts and wants to fix any situation where there is no justice. Also, I use many images that are black and white. I feel that the lack of color leaves it open for a person to make their own interpretation of the art if it isn’t crystal clear. Please feel free to make your own interpretation of the art work. If you would like to know more about the piece please checks the reference section at the end. ENJOY!

1.Tim Noble   2.Kara Walker   3.Neil Moore     4.Armend Nimani   5.Unknown   6.Zina Sanders   7.T Royal   8.Alfred Eisenstaedt   9.Unknown Photographer   10.Cpl. Charles W. Lindberg   11.Kara Walker   12.Unknown Photographer   13. Matt Smalls   14.Kara Walker   15. 16.   17.   18. US Propaganda   19. Lori Deschene   20.Alverno Marketing Team  

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