Daisy Bates

By: Aidan Orlando

Daisy Bates was a Civil Rights Activist, publisher, and journalist. She was born on 1914, November 11 at Huttig, Arkansas. She died at Little Rock, Arkansas on November 4, 1999. Daisy Bates played a very important role in the fight against segregation. She documented this in her book, The Long Shadow of Little Rock. Bate's childhood was marked by tragedy. Her mother was killed by three white men and Bate's father left her. She was then raised by her friends of the family.

When Daisy bates was a teenager, she met Lucious Christopher, an insurance agent. They got married in the 1940's and moved to Little Rock. Together, they worked at the Arkansas State Press. Bates joined the civil rights movement and later on, she became the president of Arkansas chapter of the NAACP in 1952. In 1957, she helped nine african americans enroll in an all white Central High School in Little Rock. The students first tried to go to school on September 4.

For a few years she had moved to Washington, D.C. because the newspaper place closed down. Bates returned to Little Rock in mid-1960's and spent most of her time on community programs. When her husband died in the 1980's, she resuscitated the newspaper business for several years. She then died on 1999 in Little Rock. She had won many awards including an honorary degree from the University of Arkansas. This is my presentation on Daisy Bates.

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