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EDU 210 Module 9

Tablets and other mobile device are here to stay. They have become a revolutionary tool in many aspects of life, but perhaps most notably, in education. An astronomical amount of apps have been and are being created to introduce, guide and assist students with learning. Why do we need to embrace it? Check out this YouTube video.

Below is a small, but mighty, list of the 5 apps that I think are brilliantly designed, highly popular and definitely ones that I plan to put to use one day in the classroom.

5 favorites

Duo lingo is a free app available for iOS and Android. This app enable the learner to learn or refresh another language. It is set up like a game, where you can lose hearts for incorrect answers. With this app you are able to listen, speak, read and write the language you are trying to learn, with feedback. I have tried it, and I love it.

I would use Duo Lingo as an app in the classroom to promote learning other languages. You can use it as a reinforcement to French, to help with correct grammar and pronunciation whether they are in the classroom or working at home. Students also have the option to try out other languages as more are being added as this app grows in popularity.

How Rocket Learned to Read is an app for iOS that, surprise, helps children learn to read. They have the ability to have the story narrated while words being read are highlighted or read on their own with the option to tap a word that they need help with.

This app could be used in a classroom as children are learning to read. It allows them to interact with the story while they read at their own pace. There is a games portion as well that can be used to further reading and writing skills.

The Grading Game is an app for iOS that allows users to pick out grammatical errors in existing writing. The user is timed and must pick out as many mistakes as possible to accumulate money to pay off student loans. The topics covered are said to be informative and entertaining.

This app could be used in writing and Language Arts. It would help with proof reading and grammatical knowledge. I would use this app as practice for proof reading and for grammar quizzes.

Bill Nye doesn't need too much explanation, famous science guru who has miraculously made science fun for all (including adults). This app is made for iOS and uses games to teach users about science.

I would use this app in class by selecting one of the at home experiments, having the students complete at home and then discussing findings in class.

Awesome Upstander is an app designed for iOS and Android. This is an app that helps kids to recognize when their peers are being bullied and what they can do to help.

I would use this in class as part of a campaign against bullying. I think it would be a lighter introduction for the younger grades to learn early on what they can do to help prevent bullying.

Honourable mentions

The above list is too short, I could keep adding more and more apps, but instead have compiled a list of a few extra that made my top 10 as well as links to websites that have their own lists. Click the thumbnails to be taken to iTunes where you can learn more about each app.

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