How to join

To join the stock market is a complex prosess

First you must get Clearance to Apply

A company must meet both the distribution and financial criteria within that particular standard.

2nd step!

You then submit an application to the NYSE,after downloading them here http://usequities.nyx.com/listings/forms-applications

3rd step
choose your DMM

A dmm is basically a broker who manages stocks with selling and buying. Making sure everything runs smoothly

Step 4

The stock market's listing team reviews your application items and when they are finalized, they issue an authorization letter. Welcome!

What is an IPO!?!

That's a great question! an IPO is when a company turns from private to a public business able to have stocks bought and sold on the stock market

The previous owner of facebook before it when through with an Ipo was Mark Zuckerberg

Information from

How to list with NYSE @ http://usequities.nyx.com/listings/list-with-nyse

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