Morocco Trip
MJ Sarullo


When I was in Casablanca, I saw beaches, markets, and architecture. The beaches were crowded because it was a beautiful day. The markets were busy because they were selling jewelry and food there. The weather was warm and dry. It is located near the Atlantic Ocean. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old buildings being preserved by people.                   

Atlas Mountains:

I observed that the Atlas Mountains were very tall.  The tallest peak is 13,671 feet. This reminds me of the Rocky Mountains back in the United States. I went on a hiking trip. I noticed that the climate was very cold at the top. The people that live in the mountains are the Berber tribe. They have many traditional foods like bread, Bouchiar  (fine wafer soaked with butter and natural honey), Bourjeje (pancake), Tahricht (like a sausage containing tripe: gonglion, trĂ©pine, lung, and heart), and Mechoui or lamb barbecue - a whole sheep roasted in a furnace, designed especially for this use.  This dish is usually made for parties.  I thought the Bourchiar were delicious. The things that tasted bad were Mechoui and Tahricht.


When I went to Marrakech, I visited the medina. A medina is the old Arab quarter of a north African town. I saw snake charmers and performing monkeys. The market is called a souk.   The streets were a maze of shops selling clothes, spices, and food. It reminded me of when Indiana Jones went to the market in the movie. It is located in a desert. It has a very hot climate.  I noticed that there were a lot of men in cafes. I didn't see any women because their culture is that men go to cafes only, and women stay home.


When I went to Tipaza, I saw many old Roman ruins because they ruled the area as a colony. The climate is dry and warm. It is located in Algeria, close to Morocco, and near the Mediterranean Sea. It is used as a fishing village today. A long time ago, it used to be a trading port for Phoenicians.

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