Alexandra Avitia World history

1. Why was Jerusalem important to your group?

Answer: Jerusalem was the place towards which they turned in prayer until Prophet Muhammad changed it to Mecca. Jerusalem is also the place stated in the Quran that Prophet Muhammad was taken up to heaven.

2. The reason for the crusades based on your group's point of view

Answer: The reason most Muslims dislike the fact that the christians thought it was their right to take down the Muslims.

3. That effects of the crusades on your group

Answer: There were less of them because they died in a battle but they would have been happy that they got there holy land back.

4. Your group's perspective of other groups.

Answer: My groups perspective of other groups is they saw the other groups they had more weapons than others and they were not expecting to attack.

" We Muslims believe that the white race, which is guilty of having oppressed and exploited and enslaved our people here in America, should and will be the victims of God's divine wrath."

" Among Muslims, I think there are some who are very good and some hoodlums, like everywhere."

" For centuries, the Muslims were able to co-exist perfectly well with Jews and Christians in the Middle East."

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