New Emperor Takes Rome

by Samara Steinfeld

A statue of Octavian

ROME - Yesterday, Octavian rose to power as Rome's emperor. He defeated former co-leader Mark Antony to rule Rome independently.

Octavian, who will also be known as Augustus, intends to pay soldiers' tips with his own money and is hoping to work with the Senate. "I have great plans for Rome," he states.

Rome's new leader has gained favor in high-ranking officials as allies, who assure, "Rome will flourish under Octavian's rule." Also, being the grandnephew and later, adopted son, of the previous emperor, Caesar, Caesar's allies are Octavian's as well.

Octavian also has quite a different background than most people. Since Caesar's murder, Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus have ruled Rome together, but Lepidus quickly dropped out of the equation. Antony, who slowly grew fascinated with Egypt and its ruler, Cleopatra, was overpowered by Octavian, as stated before.


A Video of Octavian

Advice For Romans

by Samara Steinfeld

An example of a Roman fighting

"All of my friends keep talking about the upcoming Gladiator fights. I don't want to feel weird and admit that I don't know what they are, so could you please explain what they are?" - Cato from Western Rome

Gladiator fights are public events where people fight to the death as entertainment. They are held in amphitheaters that sometimes hold 50,000 audience members. Fights start out with animals and then progress to people. Participants can be criminals, prisoners from war, or even volunteers.

"I am a professional mourner. My throat aches for days after I am hired. Do you have any ideas to help me?" - Aeliana from Eastern Rome

There are a couple answers to this problem, Aeliana. A simple one is to switch jobs. You could wash laundry for people, or if you want to do something similar to professional mourning, you could help prepare the dead for ceremonies. Also, you could ask a person near you who sells medicine for something to help the aching.

"i am twelv yers old. i want to lern how to reed and rite beter but my mome and dade say i haf to mary sum guy i dont no. wat do i do" - Caelia from Eastern Rome

This not an unusual circumstance, as many girls have this issue. As this is your parents' decision, there is not much anyone can do to help you, but they might listen to you if you ask them and they really do care about you. Good luck, though!

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