Rourke Rodwell S&E Marketing Final

Topic One
Movie poster review

There is a larger picture to draw attention like the word ME. The image isn't that shocking. they used larger images like the word "ME." They used the color red to draw your attention and all the yellow creators surrounding it. the movie is about a guy that find three girls toi help him get into an enemy's house. in the end he ends up loving the girls. Now that it his your attention you will want to go see that movie.

Topic Two
Trail review

It uses about 4 clips from the movie and it were the ones with a lot of detail. The clips didn't give the movie away but it did give a good chunk of information out and it left you hanging so you will want to go see the movie. This movie is targeted for kids and young teenagers but when they show the action it will draw in the people that like action movies. It shows the guy falling down a hole and finding a piece that gets stuck to his back. It also shows the gun shooting about them and the evil guy controlling everyone. It shows guys shooting at them and then they blow up this thing so it is an action movie.

Topic 3
Write about a moviethat will released soon movie

the movie i reviewed is 22 jump street. 22 jump street how they got moved over from 21 jump street to 22 jump and how this movie is different from the first movies is that they go from high school to college. so what 22 jump street is pretty much two under cover cops that go into a college, they party and drink but what there actually trying to find out the drug dealers. Then they find out there undercover and then start shooting at him. the movie has good reviews and people that like humor and action will probably go see it.

topic 4
what are the thing artist should remeber about building there career

the main things i think an artist is that they should read the contract carefully or hire a lawyer to do it for them. if they don't do that then they will get screwed over like 30 seconds to mars and they wont make a lot of money. if you don't you will be indebt and be locked into a contract for three ablums and you will just keep lossing money. the record label does it so it looks like a good contract but it ends up being really bad.

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