Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

Make May Matter....


   We have survived STAAR and are running into May.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students.  Let's Make May Matter!  As you all know, we have a little over a month of school left.  This month can be one of the most trying of the year if we allow it to become so.  I ask you to reflect on a few things as we head into May.  Behavior is linked to instruction.  Let's use this month to extend and enrich learning in the most engaging of ways possible. Relationships with our students have never been more important.  Tap into these when the going gets rough.  Make memories.  Students remember that last month of school the most.  Let's focus on making these memories positive ones for both ourselves and our students.  Have fun.  Laugh a little and your students will join in.  You are responsible for the culture of your classroom.  Remember our time together in October in which we talked about choosing to focus on what we CAN control.  How will your students remember you when they walk out of here on June 4th? 

                                                                         We can do this! 


1. 5th grade Reading STAAR scores from March are in!  Hats off to our Teachers and students!  Rough scores right now show 92% passing with 48% commended! 

2. The future of Learning!  Are you Ready?  Check this out! 

3. 12 Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation!  Click here.

4.  Please use this form to document all final retentions you may have.  The last day to hold a parent conference for a retention or to retain a child is May 13th. Please ensure all students that are being retained and parents have been informed and agree are entered into this form.   This is how we intend to track all of these.

                                            Have a great weekend!