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The Kentucky Wildcat

The University of Kentucky was established by the state of Kentucky in 1865 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the Kentucky University. The Kentucky University had been established in Harrodsburg in 1858 and in 1865 merged with Transylvania University, which was established in Lexington in 1783. Substantial initial funding was provided by the U.S. government through the Morrill Act, which created the land grand colleges.

The first president was John Augustus Williams, who served only until 1868. He was followed by Joseph Desha Pickett, who served on a temporary basis until 1869, when James Kennedy Patterson was appointed after a long search. He remained in office until 1910.

Fight song


The name for the wildcats itself was a tradition. They hadn't been originally the name but when a coach had told the team that they fought like wildcats therefore getting the name.

If there is one event that showcases the fervor of KY Wildcat fans, it has to be the inaugural practice of each basketball season. Fans camp outside UK’s Memorial Coliseum for days in hopes of securing of one the prized tickets for the sold out event. Midnight Madness is a celebration of the upcoming season, as fans get their first look at the veterans and new players that hopefully will hang another championship banner in the Rupp Arena rafters.

Admission Requirements

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 69%
  • GPA, ACT and SAT graph for Kentucky
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile  
    • SAT Critical Reading: 490 / 610
    • SAT Math: 500 / 630
    • SAT Writing: - / -

    Student Life

    What's it really like to be a Wildcat? In a word – awesome! The University of Kentucky can provide you with a huge education oppurtunity, filled with the possibility of new ideas and learning experiences that will prepare you for the future. But life on campus also offers plenty of other experiences beyond what takes place solely in a classroom.

    Living on campus makes it easy to meet new people who share your interests, UK's Living Learning Program allows you to live and study subjects and topics with other students on your campus. Outside your room, you can explore dozens of great dining options ranging from home-cooking to international fare.

    Cost and Tuition

    Lower Division Resident
    Lower Division Non-Resident
    Upper Division Resident
    Upper Division Non-Resident

    Degree Plan

    Biology Designated Core**Although the UTEP choice is larger, these choices satisfy the requirements of both the core and the major.

    All courses listed within this degree area require a grade of C or better for successful completion. **Although the UTEP choice is larger, these choices satisfy the requirements of both the core and th(show more)All courses listed below are required:CHEM 1105 | CHEM 1106 | CHEM 1305 | CHEM 1306 | MATH 1411 (Complete MATH 1411) Please Choose a Course Below:
    MATH 1411 | MATH 1411A | MATH 1411B | MATH 1411C | MATH Sequence (Select MATH 1312 or STAT 2480) Please Choose a Course Below:
    MATH 1312 | STAT 2182 | STAT 2380 | STAT 2381 | STAT 2480 | Physics Sequence (Select PHYS 1403 & 1404 or PHYS 2420 & 2421) Please Choose a Course Below:
    PHYS 1403 | PHYS 1404 | PHYS 2420 | PHYS 2421 | University Core CurriculumNOTE:

    Physical Therapy

    In 2011, physical therapists earned a median annual salary of $78,270. During the same time period, median hourly wages were $37.63. There is a need for many people to consider going into this field and a huge employment rate for people in this field.

    A Day in a Physical Therapist's Life

    On a typical day a physical therapist will:

    • examine patients' medical histories
    • test and measure patients' strength, range of motion, balance and
    • coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration and motor function
    • determine whether a patient is able to be independent and reintegrate into the community or workplace after injury or illness
    • develop treatment plans describing a treatment strategy, its purpose and its anticipated outcome

    Job Requirements

    In order to become a physical therapist, you must first graduate from a physical therapist educational program with a master's or doctoral degree.

    Animoto Video

    Persuasive essay

    “ The harder you work, the harder it is to fail.” This quote has been my motto throughout my life. I believe that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. I have put in a lot of work throughout my life and i still have a long way to go but i believe i would be a great candidate to receive a scholarship. I deserve to receive a scholarship because i am hard working and i intend on helping out any campus that i attend.

    Obviously, if you are not trying to do your best at anything you do you will never succeed in life. I, throughout my life have always tried to do nothing than my best at everything i do, even the simplest tasks. My whole school career i have tried to achieve the best grades in the school and turn in no mediocre work. If i get a scholarship to attend a college i will try to do everything in my will power to do the best i can. And If my best is not good enough then i will practice and study to better myself. This is one reason why i would be a great candidate to consider for a scholarship.

    Secondly, I would be a vital aspect to any university i attend. Community work and extracurricular activities are what i strive to do all the time. I will try to give back to my campus for giving me this opportunity by doing a lot of community work for the school. I also will do extracurricular activities to help me stay active in school and furthermore help the campus. If i get a scholarship to your campus, just know that i will do everything that i possibly can to achieve good grades and help out the campus as much as i can.

    Certainly, you must see why i would be a good candidate to receive a scholarship. I understand that not everyone gets the opportunity to attend college but i always thought if you put enough work, the sky's the limit. I have put in my fair share of work and still have a lot to put in but if you would allow me to attend your college you would see why i have deserved what you opportunity you gave me. I would be not just a good candidate but a great candidate to receive a scholarship.

    Letter of Recommendation

    Best Regards,

    Dear, Kentucky University

    It is without any reservation that I write this letter of recommendation for Devon Howard for a scholarship in the medical field at Kentucky University. Mr. Howard is a student who gets thing done, he is a hard working man with a dying passion to help people. He is always prepared to get things done, he will outwork everyone there. He is a over achiever in everything he participates in. He takes time out of his day to make make sure people are safe and happy. He is a dedicated learner that holds onto all the information you have given him.

    One of Mr. Howard’s many many abilities that allow him to get such good grades and be a good person, is that he tries to exceed in everything he does, he doesn't just go for the A he goes beyond that to get the one hundred or a really high A, also in sports he does the same thing, he never quits and gives it one hundred and ten percent every game. I myself have worked with Mr. Howard and he has an undying wish to learn new things and will not quit if he doesn't get what he needs. Mr. Howard is super intelligent and hard working he wont let you down.

    Mr. Howard’s services are unforgettable, he has done so much to better this community. Mr. Howard will be a helpful tool and there is no doubt in my mind that he will good in your college. If you would like to discuss Mr. Howard further, you may contact me at, or via phone: (915) 202-8897.

    Justice Curlee

    Health Department

    Health Teacher

    El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

    El Paso, TX 79938

    Tel: (915) 202-8897


    Cover Letter

    May 19, 2015

    Good evening Kentucky University Admin ,

    I am applying for the position to attend your physical therapy department at your university.

    I have had a lot of experience in this field with other people and myself. I have taken courses in my high school years that have given me knowledge on how to treat people that have gotten injured.I have been injured myself and have been treated by a physical therapist and it help me learn why they are so important. I am trying to pursue this career because it gives me an opportunity to give back to my community.Through my courses i have gained many skills and have gained more experience in this field.I also can be viewed as a role model in your campus by showing my fellow classmates where hard work and dedication can get them. I am a great candidate to consider to attend your school not only because of my experience but my will to better myself in this field and achieve the best i possibly can on the campus.

    I have noticed that there are a limited amount of physical therapists that are needed for the communities health. I think that with your help i can better myself in this field that i am pursuing and i will learn valuable life lessons that will further help my chances in a successful life. I believe I am a good candidate for your program and this opportunity to attend your university would be an honor, achievement, and challenge to test my limits by showing you the best i possibly can do for myself and your campus. I won't only attend your college but i will excel in any tasks or challenges that are put in front of me. I would like the opportunity for an interview so that I can further express my interest in attending your university.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope to get the opportunity to attend your prestigious school.


    Devon J Howard

    12221 Tierra Alamo

    El Paso, TX 79938



    Devon Howard

    12221 Tierra Alamo

    (915) 491-6350

    OBJECTIVE Obtaining a physical therapy job in any field for this type of degree

    CERTIFICATION Responsibilities EC-12 (160)ExES English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 (231)

    TExES Pedagogy and Professional Re

    EDUCATION 4 years at Kentucky University studying in the physical therapy degree

    HONORS Anticipated Graduating GPA: 3.71 / 4.0;\ Top ten percent in the campus


    • i Have had a vast amount of experience in my studies in college and my highschool career
    • I have had experience in the field itself by helping my mom since she is a physical therapist.
    • I have studied this field for more than 8 years now and i think im prepared for the worst, anything
    • With my experience not only in school but out on the field i would be a perfect consideration for a job.


    Had worked with my mom helping out patients getting to gain hands on experience


    I am very interested in basketball, its not just a interest but it's part of my life

    Bilingual- Fluent in Spanish

    Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

    Proficient with Microsoft Words, Excel, Powerpoint, and Whiteboard

    Eager to help out the community as best as i can by doing community work etc.