Turn on to the season's 1970s trend

The ‘70s are back in the world of fashion — and, a bit like the decade itself, it can be a slightly tricky trend to navigate.

“I don’t normally think of trends in terms of age,” says Lisa Tant, Holt Renfrew’s Vice President, Exclusive Services, “but this is one where I think you have to be really careful about how you wear it and consider whether it suits your age and your body type.”

Like most things, moderation is key. If you go out in head-to-toe disco gear, you risk looking like you’re heading to a costume party.

“All of the magazines are interpreting the trend very literally, and that scares me,” says Tant. Indeed, what might work in print — flares teamed with a Pucci print-inspired peasant blouse, fringed suede coat, aviator glasses, floppy sandals and a floppy hat — screams disaster on the street.

Even Tommy Hilfiger’s show, which featured a distinctly ‘70s-inspired collection (complete with patchwork jeans and colourful faux furs), was criticized by a Style.com reviewer for being “a bit too costumey — several of the girls even toted electric guitars”.

That said, now that fashion month is officially over, if there’s anything the fall/winter 2015 runways have shown us, it’s that ‘70s-inspired fashion won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

The easiest way to get in on the trend? Invest in a pair of flared jeans or wide-leg trousers. Universally flattering, when worn with a mid-heeled boot or sandal, the effect is a nice, long leg — “Karlie Kloss legs,” says Tant. “And who wouldn’t want those?”

For another touch of the haute hippie vibe, look to your footwear and opt for either lace-up (as in, way, way up) gladiator sandals or chunky platforms like those your mom might have worn in her teens.

Look to Saint Laurent for inspiration; after all, Hedi Slimane has truly become the arbiter of what girls and women everywhere want to wear.

“Slimane’s about to do for platforms what he did for low-heel pumps a few collections ago,” wrote Style.com’s Nicole Phelps.

Adds Tant, “when you take away the show styling — the models, the crazy makeup, the ripped nylons — his pieces are really, really wearable.”

Pair your sandals or platforms with your flares (of course), or try thick stockings and an A-line mini for a look that’s a more polished take on the trend.

For toppers, head to your local thrift or consignment shop and do a bit of digging for a sweater with subtly woven metallic threads. Pair with a leather or suede mini skirt (another style found in abundance in most charity shops) for instant ‘70s chic.

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If you prefer to go the bohemian, peasant blouse route, however, invest in something new (no scraggly fringing, please) and ideally in the best quality you can afford. A semi-sheer button-up silk blouse by Chloé, for instance, is something you can tuck into your flares to get the hippie look — but also an investment piece you’ll wear well beyond spring.

The look is also all about the palette. Tobacco, caramel and latte are all obvious choices, and works well with both dark denim and eggplant-coloured accessories.

“A suede tobacco coat has a ‘70s feel, and the neutral palette works for someone more mature,” suggests Tant. “Someone younger could try the more psychedelic colours” — but remember that less is definitely more when it comes to this trend.

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