Albatrosses like to eat squid.

Humans also like to eat squid.

The problem with this is that albatross try to eat squid, not knowing that there is a hook inside. Then they are pulled under the water. They drown.

RSPB, or the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, is an organization in the UK.

They are working to stop albatross rom dying pointless deaths every year.

RSPB is working with the albatross, seeing how they hunt and figuring out ways to make fishing gear more safe for sea birds.

In 2005 and still going, RSPB sent out an Albatross Task Force to places where lots of albatross lived. They went to work making it safe for albatross near fishing boats.

RSPB has offices in all four UK countries. Their website is

They work to keep albatross and other sea birds from dying due to human fishing companies.

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