Kaylee Neubauer

Nematodes are just simple round worms:

Borers, Cat fleas, Banana moth, Corn earworm, Etc.

Microscopic picture of nematodes.

Damage they cause:

Above ground: Stunted growth, Mid-day wilting, Small fruit, Yellowing, Curling and twisting of plant, Premature or Delayed maturity, or Reduced yield.

Below ground: Galls or swelling, Stubby roots, Lesions or dark spots, Stunting, or "dirty roots".

Yellowing, stunted growth with fruit, mid-day wilting.
Galls or swelling on the roots of a tomato plant.

Methods to control:

Management is difficult. Most reliable methods are preventative practices, like sanitation or choice of plant varieties. If the ground is already inffected; change your planting time to a cooler date, when nematodes are less active. Another more effective method is crop rotation

Crop rotation is the best method to prevent nematodes.

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