My Biography
My name is Gloria Tolentino.
I was born on June 07, 1973, in the city of Yauly, department of Junin Peru. My parents are Felix and Berna. I am the first of five siblings. During my childhood and youth I lived with my parents and siblings in a mine site.
I have five children. So, in my 20 years I became a mother, my best role ever I really liked children, in my teens said they would have my child between 20 and 25 years, even my mother did not like much the idea, I am now daughter, mother , partner, sister and friend, each of these are indispensable to me, the only thing important to do well with love and dedication. Then, I was working in Peru for two years in elementary school us a teacher.
I currently live in Thunder Bay Canada. We arrived almost 6 years ago with my children.
I'm currently studying English as a second language
My favorite food, is sea food, specially fried fish
My favorite desert, is chocolate cake because is sweet and delicious!
Now my dream is to know other countries such as Australia, Jerusalem, Paris and other more.
My favorite sport is, volleyball.

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