Get Well

Hi everyone! I am so excited to talk about what Chris and I have been up to over at NRG fitness!  We started a training and nutrition program for 5 AMAZING ladies.  We meet with them weekly for workouts, and we have been counseling them daily with their nutrition online.  In just 2 short months our little group has collectively lost almost 100 pounds!  We are so proud of these ladies!  They have made a 6 month commitment with us and are well on their way to achieving some amazing results!  Each woman represents women everywhere so we wanted to start featuring these ladies and give you a glimpse into what they are doing, how they are doing it and show you what it REALLY takes to lose weight for good and how to get fit for life!

I am creating a special board on pinterest where I will be posting these Blogs.  The board will be titled- "GET WELL" and each week I will put up a "blog" where you can meet one of our ladies and follow them around for a week of what we are putting them through.  Hopefully you will be able to identify with one of our gals! You are not alone and if these ladies can do it, so can you.  I hope that their stories inspire you to make a change of your own!  We are starting another class for the summer on July 1 that will run 8 weeks.  Stay tuned for sign up details!  We have 10 spots available.  

Get well soon!

Stacey and Chris