The moon's importace

Joshua Blankenship

The moon's role

the moon has many roles cause it deals with things such as the tides. The tides are caused by the and its phases. Some phases can cause eclipses.

This is a picture of the moon phases. The moon phases are caused by the light from the sun. The moon turns to where we only see one side of it.

this a picture of the tides. The tides have major effects on sea and land life. they can effect whether, sea levels, and land. there are two types of tides there are spring and neap tides. the spring tide is the high one and neap is the short one

this is a solar eclipse above japan. there are to kinds of eclipses there are the solar and lunar. this is a solar were the moon gets in the way of the sun. the lunar eclipse is were the earth gets in the way of the sun. these don't really do anything but look beautiful

the moon has a big impact on earth. if the was no moon what would happen to life here. i believe that many culture objects. there would be no tides. we need the moon believe it or not. it plays a big roll in life to day

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