The Telephone-1876

By: Andrew McIntyre

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was important because we could talk to each other over far distances without needing to be face to face. This helped humanity in many ways besides just being able to talk, it made it easier to communicate during war and we no longer had to use morse code. We could also communicate between train stations easier and provide safe transportation of people and goods. One other use is that we could communicate faster and it made the human race more knowledgeable in general.

The Light bulb-1879

Thomas Alva Edison

The light bulb was important because it allowed us to have a light source besides using candles at dark. We could finally work at night and we could be more productive in the morning as well. This benefited us by giving us a longer day, and in the end more goods being made and labor being done.

The Phonograph-1877

Thomas Alva Edison

The phonograph was important because it allowed us to record sounds and replay them. It was used mainly to play music and in the terrible times where people were working in hard conditions they could come home to relax. This also was important because it started new types of entertainment in music.

The Typewriter-1868

Christopher Latham Sholes

The typewriter was important because it allowed us to type quickly and it made it easier to type than needing to rearrange letters in the print and press. With this new technology we could spread the word faster and we could be informed during times of war much easier. By reducing the time it took to write the news it made us more knowledgeable.

The Seismograph-1880

John Milne

The seismograph is important because since it was invented it has saved thousands of lives. John Milne's first modern seismograph helped to detect movement in the ground and helped to save people from natural disasters. The seismograph helps people by giving them readings before an earthquake happens so that they can evacuate.

Motion Pictures-1895

Louis and Auguste Lumiere

Motion pictures were important and are still important to this day. They provide us with both information and entertainment that we can use. This provides jobs such as actors, directors and producers. This also required buildings to show the movies in and created a need for construction jobs.

Diesel Engine-1892

Rudolf Diesel

The diesel engine was a very important part of this time because it could replace the steam engine. The diesel engine was more beneficial to us because it performed better than the steam engine. By losing less energy the diesel engine was the better alternative and we started to use it instead of the steam engine to transport us.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochran

The dish washer was a very beneficial invention because it could clean for us. The fact that we no longer had to wash our dishes by hand meant that we had more time to do other important things. This also kept our dishes clean which meant that things were beginning to become more sanitary everywhere.

The Handheld Camera-1888

George Eastman

The Handheld camera was beneficial for the same reason the typewriter was important. We could use it to take pictures for entertainment and information by using them in the news. These were more easier transportable for us to use than us needing to bring a dark room and an old light exposing box around with us.

The Airplane-1903

The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur

The airplane was one of the most important inventions of all time because it helped us to achieve one of our goals that we had had for thousands of years. We were finally able to fly and though the first flight was brief we improved it and got better. Flight is now the quickest method of transportation.

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