The Southern Colonies
Stay calm and move too the southern colonies

By:Michael Provence

                                                         The Southern Colonies

In this Takk/Brochure/, you'll be learning about the southern colonies such as Georgia South Carolina, North Carolina,Virginia, and Maryland. And some of the fascinating things there such as the climate, state facts, and growth in success .


  • The Southern Colonies was the warmest of the three regions and least effect by harsh winters
  • The Region had an ideal temperature



  • The region had good soil and easy ways to find resources such as cotton,
  • The Region had an ideal temperature for cash crops



The Southern Colonies religion were normally Anglian. But Maryland was normally a refuge camp for the English catholics. But the region had freedom in religion


  • Tobacco was easy to make and had a good pricing to make easy money
  • Rice was also a not as easy way but still good money
  • Timber was a big part cause of all the trees they had and lumber made fire so lumber was a HUGE part for winter to stack up on
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