RDI Diamonds

Matching Retail Seller Needs with Quality Diamonds

About RDI Diamonds

RDI Diamonds is committed to quality, selection, and care in the diamond and precious gemstone wholesale market. Established in 1992, RDI Diamonds of Rochester, New York, has been a reliable supplier of quality diamonds and precious gemstones to jewelry stores nationwide. With an extensive inventory of over 8,000 carefully selected diamonds and an overnight delivery policy, RDI Diamonds ensures its customers have steady access to quality diamonds and gemstones when and where they need them.

Just as each diamond is different and must be selected with care and attention, each retail seller of diamonds and precious gemstones is unique with distinct market needs and requirements. The account managers at RDI Diamonds remain committed to investing the time and care required to learn and understand the evolving sales needs of its buyers so that they may address those needs with the right product selection. RDI of Rochester strives to be the diamond distributor of choice by matching each seller’s distinct needs with appropriate quality diamonds or gemstones.

As part of its commitment to quality, honesty, and fairness with respect to its diamond inventory and level of customer attention, RDI Diamonds maintains membership in several professional associations. These include the Gemological Institute of America, the Jewelers Board of Trade, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and the Retail Jewelers Organization. In addition to these professional memberships, the company is approved by State Farm as a vendor for insurance replacements.

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