Cerberus Resume

Hello. My name is Cerberus. I am a 3-heade dog (please don't judge!)

I really  love NCIS because it has to do with crime, and I have to deal with that every single day (people entering the underworld)

I really love traveling to the black forest because, well, it is the best forest in Europe, and , well I'm a dog, so I LOVE nature. All that roaming space...

My favorite kind of music is heavy metal. It is vicious and crazy, just like me.

I LOVE MEAT!!! MEAT!!! MEAT!!! After all, I am a dog.
I also like to do things that many other dogs do, such as digging and playing fetch. I really love to stay active, unlike other lazy dogs
As I said about lazy dogs...

Even though Hades and Hera are not really considered my family, they are close to me, even though I work for them, so I would consider them

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