Vocabulary squares

By Sam Moore


Definition- made of clear, brilliant glass.

Sentence- Mother was very proudof her crystal glasses.


Definition- tough and strong.

Sentence- With sinewy hands, he carved the stone.


Definition- Strong and muscular.

Sentence- The piano had mover hand brawny arms.


Definition- Minister

Sentence- The parson had a deep voice that was easily herd in the rear pews.


Definition- shaped by hammering

Sentence- The fence was wrought iron made by my uncle.


Definition- upper legs and hips of an animal.g

Sentence- The dog sat on his haunches in my back.

Questions and answers:

1. A dog would not sit on its haunches if it were running because it is running not sitting.

2. Yes because he would be strong and musclular.

3. I would espect a stone carver to have sinewy hands because he deals with a lot of hard and sharp tools.

4. Yes because crystal is very fragel.

5. Yes because a Parson is a minister.

6. Yes because wrought iron is made by hammering iron together to make a fence.

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