By: Emily Babcock

A hurricane is a strong storm with wind, rain and most of the time flooding.


there was 65 mph winds in storm odile

The storm struck the region with heavy rain and the potential flash flooding 9 (storm odile)

6-12 inches of rain where guessed but there were amounts up to 18 inches (storm odile)

Most hurricanes have snapped trees, washed out roads and trapped people.

Storm Odile hit with a Category 3 storm also with 125 mph winds Sunday night.

About 15,000 tourists were sharing the same experiences in Cabo when storm odile hit

Most people stay in their bathrooms or put their things in the bathtub to keep safe.

What Makes A Hurricane?

They start forming near the equator where the most warm water is once the storm starts moving the wind and rain hit the land and slows down further in the land the storm gets. hurricanes need at least three conditions. First, the ocean waters must be warm enough at the surface to put enough heat and moisture in the hurricanes. Second, atmospheric moisture from sea water evaporation must combine with that heat and energy to form the powerful engine needed to propel a hurricane.Third, a wind pattern must be near the ocean surface to spirals air inward.

the thing in the Conner is what they use to see hurricanes.

Signs Of A Hurricane

When a hurricane forms meteorologist people see it on the radar and can tell people about it. also If you do not see there is a hurricane is you have strong wind and rain most likely its is a hurricane. hurricanes offer several hours to days.

Helpers After A Hurricane

Anyone can help after a hurricane but mostly the Red Cross does, they give places to stay food water and anything they need.The American Red Cross was made to provide compassionate care to those in need. Also the people who work in hospitals do as well to help people who are hurt during the storm. donations of blood are what make the American Red Cross the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S. Each year, nearly 4 million people donate blood through the Red Cross.Founded in 1980, American First Aid has been servicing the first aid and safety needs of thousands of customers across the U.S

Why Should People Know About Hurricanes?

Hurricanes can happen anywhere no matter how much rain you get they can be very dangers so you should be ready for a hurricane no matter where u live.   



1. what was the main idea of my project?

2. what hurricane did I talk most about?

3. who mostly helps people after hurricanes?

this is what they use to see a hurricane coming.
this was the number of hurricanes from 1851- 2001 (for every 10 years)

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