Simple or Continuous

The Invisible Me

Create a mind map of the things you do every day

Write a short text about the usual you and the things you do every day
ex. I usually have six boring lessons. I always chat with my friends in the evenings...

Now imagine you are invisible and for a day you can do anything you like

Write a short text about what the invisible you is doing today
ex. I am not going to school today and I'm making snowmen all day long. I'm not writing homework today...

Habits of a Hobbit

Brainstorm a list of your habits.
ex. I have friends over in my room. I always wear a hat for school. I usually have two pairs of socks on...

Now imagine you are the hobbit Bilbo Baggins for a day. Tell us about your habits as a hobbit.
ex. I am having friends over in my hole. I am a hobbit today so I'm not wearing  socks or shoes...

How I'd want to change the world.

We use Present Simple for general truths. But what if you could change the world.

Write a few sentences about things in your imaginary world.
ex. The sun doesn't rise in the east. It rises in the north.
People don't need food. They use electricity...

Little people in a big big world

Tell us about the annoying of grown ups. What are the things you don't like about your parents and teachers.
ex. Teachers are always giving us too much homework.