Gregory Goss – Who is Obama?

Gregory Gross is a political blogger. He has a growing following. One of the things he talk about the most is a question that boggles many American’s minds. Who is Obama? From his vague background that has been intelligently hidden from public view, many people question if he was even born here. In addition to that, there is this fundamental notion that is persistent in that it very much seems that even if Obama is an actual native-born American, he does not hold American values. It’s a compelling argument given the principles and language of his presidency that seem to attack, vilify and apologize for American excellence and values at every single turn. Of course, his official biography is fascinating. He spent a tremendous amount of time growing up in other cultures and under the influence of alternative political thoughts throughout his life. It is for these reasons that many suspect that his mission to ‘fundamentally transform America’ is not a welcome transformation at all. Goss feels that the goal of this transformation is to bring this country down to a level while providing giveaways for the rest of the world. That is a hard argument to deconstruct and it is filled with a number of political twists and turns, but it is not hard to validate based on the substantive product of his actions and capitulation at almost every turn with every country in the world. Goss feels that the country has been spinning in place for a number of years in a carefully constructed plan for many years and this is the culmination of it. He is hopeful the country will get on the right track and find its roots in what made it great in the first place.

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