Thing 3 Cloud Initiation

What I think cloud computing benefits are; the ability to store and share data like: pictures, music, news, even word documents! These are all through social networking, but another thing I think cloud computing is; being able to use certain applications like: Document apps, for ex. (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) through Microsoft Online, Online Games, Online Classrooms. So, another way the cloud has benefits online are; being able to talk to other people even when they are even on another continent! Like using Skype or Teamspeak, or even just typing words to them through Facebook! One more thing is; being able to do your homework online in online learning sites like;,, and other great learning sites. So, in conclusion, these are my examples of cloud benefits; storing and sharing data, using certain applications through the internet, and being able to interact with people by, talking, or even just typing to them, and even using online classrooms to do homework.

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