Agents of Socialization

Taylor Acquista


This is one of my favorite childhood shows, Rocket power

My family helped me socialize me by teaching me how to share, manners, and right from wrong. My family is the main contributor of me understanding American culture and how life is lived in this country. My family also help me acknowledge the importance of Italian heritage. My family determined the way i was raised and exposed to the type of technology that existed during that time period.


School is extremely important in not only education, but learning proper etiquette, and responsibilities. It also helps me work with people regardless if i like them as a person or not. School also helps you get ready and prepared for real world. School also informs us of american history, history in general, and informs us of other cultural norms. School probably is the most important to socialization because we are around it more.


Surrounding myself with good friends and a lot of different types of people has helped me in so many ways. It's taught me to accept people no matter how different we seem from each other. My baseball team has greatly influenced how I interact with people. My team has taught me how to be a leader. I often am in charge of helping younger kids in camps throughout the year which has taught me to become more of a leader. Having young kids look up to me definitely has taught me to be apparent of what I do and say. If you surround yourself with good people it has a great impact on you as a person.

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