Chojnice Poland

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By:Monique Freeman

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-Location? :    (Travel Guide 2)

* Chojnice is a small town, that has a lot of different things to do, It is a town in northern Poland

* The Weather is usually around 41º F  & Wind is mostly at 7mph.

*  It is six hours ahead in Poland for the time change.

-Fun Activities? : ( Travel out there 3)

*  National Museums (Ex:Holocaust Museum)

* Water Parks ( Ex: Waterpark in Poznan And Warsaw.)

* Going to the Baltic Sea (The Beach) ( there are a lot of resturants and stores )

-Hotels? / Places to stay? : (Booking 2)

* Sukiennice - (Sukienników 14
Chojnice, Poland ) Is the best hotel in Chojnice.

* Hotel Turystyczny - Myśliboja 5
Chojnice, Poland ( Second best Hotel in Chojnice.)

* Piast (Plac Piastowski 23) ( The third hotel in Chojnice)

Flights/Traveling. (Expedia 2)

*  Flights to Poland / Warsaw the capital prices range from,  1,044 -2,116

* The best flights to take are from, US Airways or Delta.

-Best Restaurants in Chojnice ! :(Travel 2)

* Restauracja Siódemka - ( It's a good dinning place)
* Frisk Music Club & Restaurant ( Has good Music, and its a nice club, and sells Alcohol )

* PCF. Firma handlowo - usługowo - produkcyjna. Bielecki K. ( It's a quick place, like McDonalds, to get a quick meal. )

-Exchange Rate: (Vacation 2)

*The Change in money VS America, is different, Money costs less in Europe then America, ( Ex: a dollar in US = 0.93 in Europe.)

-Total Cost?  (Transportation 2)
* The Initial Amount for going to Poland, comes to around $2,905 with the flights, and restaurants, and hotels and activities in Poland.

-Transportation? (Transportation 4)

* The best transportation in Poland, is by buses and -trains, most people that live in Poland use the buses, and people who are traveling, rent a vehicle, or go on a taxi, for there trips.

* Why Should You go to Poland?  (Travel Chojnice 2)

- Anyone should go to Poland because its a really nice, place to explore the culture, and see the different cities, and museums & the different restaurants, and to explore the different things like time exchange, and money exchange. I feel Poland is a nice place to explore with.

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