mLearning in the High School     Classroom

Here are some helpful apps for teachers

Story Bird

What is it: Story bird is a free online website. It allows students to create online stories through images, they can also read others online stories and learn from each other.

How can it be used: Story bird is a great example of how we can diversify the product and process of an assignment. Story book allows students who are visual learners work in an area they feel more comfortable in to create an assignment. They would also be able to research and learn from other books created by other students. All students would also be able to sell their work online through this website.


What is it: Screenr is an online websites that allows you a teacher, and your students to create screencasts. Screencasts are recordings of your computer screen, often with audio recordings explaining what you are doing. And sometimes there are subtitles to go a long with your audio recording. It is a free online website that can be used on a Mac or a Pc.

How can it be used: Screenr could be used by you or your students. It could be used by you as a teacher to create podcasts that you could post online for your students. These could be an extra tool explaining difficult lessons, or how to do something on the web. The could be used in math to explain how to do something on a calculator or in social studies where you could create a changing map to show the changing boundaries during the World Wars. It could be used by your students to complete a project, again this would diversify the product and the process. It can allow students to create their own screencasts online to explain concepts.

Mobi 21

What is it: Teachers can create flash card, quizzes and study guides to share with all of their students online. Students are also able to create their own content online and share it with their classmates.

How can it be used: As I have said before teachers can use their lesson plans and their tests to create study guides, flash cards, and quizzes online to help their students study. Students would also be able to create their own study guides, ect. This would allow students to have online guides that could be access from various different places. As well as being able to share their study guides.

Cert Point

What is it: Online enterprise learning platform that allows you to share content with your students directly to their mobile phones. You can create online LMS and share them with your students phone.

How can it be used: We are already so attached to our mobile devices. Most teenagers can't go anywhere without them. So it would be extremely useful as teachers to be able to share things such as assignments, when certain things are due, and when tests will happen with your students through their mobile phones. This website allows us to create an Learning Management System, where we can have announcements, calendars, ect. And then share them with our students.


What is it: It is an app for apple products. It allows the users to create their own games on the app. You can share your games with others.

How can it be used: Teachers can use this app to help teach students about game design, computing science and logic. It is another way to diversify the product and process of certain lessons by allowing students to create their own games. As long as you monitor the game, and go through it yourself after it is a great way to keep students engaged by allowing them to create something they would view as fun. Teachers could also give students games you have created or one of your students to play and learn from.

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